"If you give a man a handout, you refine his skill for begging. If you give a man a hand-up, you refine his self-worth."

March 2006 Testimonials

Joseph, Member of AIC Kamuneru

“I really thank God for the support he gave me. The harvest I received from the potatoes came at a time of hunger. My children were able to eat. I have planted again and when the harvest is ready, I will be first to give 10% to the church! I really thank God and trust that God will provide.”

Joseph, Member of AIC Kamuneru.

Joseph, Member of AIC Kamuneru.


Member of AIC Kamuneru

“From the crops, I bought a cow. I now have milk for my family. I will get another cow in September and from that, I hope to get a calf. I will bring milk to church for my tithe. I will be able to assist others who don’t have milk.”


Member of AIC Kamuneru

“I really got good harvest from the farm. I have not received harvest like that in all my life that I have been planting. It was wonderful! I really witnessed the love of God and the blessing since I have planted. It was the first time God blessed me with a good harvest. I got more than 20 bags. 2 bags I gave to the church. I was the first one to bring a tithe to the church!”


Mary Ndiema, a widow at AIC Chebonet

“Since my husband died, things have not been the same. But thanks to God for knowing my situation which made It possible for me to receive the fertilizer and maize seeds through His great love and mercy. Thanks to God for our friends who were touched to support us.”


Alfred Ndiema, an orphan at AIC Chebonet

“Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for the support I have received in the church. I was not sure if I would plant this season. My parents died and I have not been able to fend for myself. Thank you for this miracle .”


Betty Ngeiywo, AIC Chebonet

“Glory to God for the support of seeds and fertilizer. My husband had been away on safari but when he came back, he was surprised to find the farm planted. When he asked me where I got the inputs, I told him that the Lord ha d provided through the church. He confided in me that he had gone to borrow money for the seed maize but did not succeed and to find the farm planted was a miracle. He had not accepted Christ, but finally surrendered to Christ and we are now enjoying our marriage. Thanks be to God for touching you (Fruited Plains) in giving to your brethren in Africa.”