"If you give a man a handout, you refine his skill for begging. If you give a man a hand-up, you refine his self-worth."

February 2011 Testimonials


“Obtaining the seeds I just want to testify. Through Fruited Plains we were given the seeds after coming back because of clashes and when we arrived home we were given the seeds and we really planted. And the same seeds out of the harvest we ate and they really helped us. We had nothing to eat or to lean on God set apart such a thing that we were given seeds. We planted on the same day and it really helped us. The next year we planted again. And these seeds we planted twice. In the same year we planted twice. Who has ever seen seeds that you can plant twice a year?! Let’s clap and give glory to God. Fruited Plains we want to thank you so much. They really gave us support of seeds. And our families are blessed so much so I really want to thank the Lord so much. The third year, la st year, I planted again. And the seed harvest I took to pay school fees. They covered the school fees for the whole year. So I really glorify God for that. The Lord God loved us so much on this mountain that he sent our brother and sister from the US. What great love is this? Let us embrace this great love and the unity. So I really thank God so much. May the Lord God bless you Fruited Plains.”

Cherob sharing her testimony.

Cherob sharing her testimony.



“Through our brother and sister from the US I am indeed very happy today. I want to express the joy I have today. As I am standing to day on the Fruited Plains grounds, it is a miracle today what I am seeing. If God would just give me wings I would fly a way to show my joy. What God has done thorough Fruited Plains when the wars and fighting were on Mt. Elgon. We became totally poor. Person ally, I passed though many difficulties but the most touching one was that my husband was killed. When my husband died I was hopeless and it was like life ha d come to an end. Little did I know that God was planning something good for me. Through our friends from the US, the year 2009, as I was sitting in the church I saw our friends bringing seeds for us. I was very happy that day and I saw the love of God. I w as given seeds. I planted the seeds. My children were happy again and they saw that there were some people who still loved us though their father had died. They really acknowledge that God is there because we are being helped as though their father is still alive. We received the seeds and we ate like other families. I had one of my children that was in standard 8. Another was in standard 7. I stood before my children and I testified to them, ‘ Now that you see that God loves us and He has shown that through our friends from the US, I am sure that all the doors are open and you will continue with your learning.’ The one that was in Standard 8 at that time is now in Form 3. The one that was in Standard 7 is now in form 2. God really poured a blessing that I received fr om Fruited Plains. And the seed did not just end in paying the school fees for the children. I eat the seeds as food, I have extended the seed to neighbors who have also planted and I have seeds. I don’t have problem with going to buy seeds. When I see that, I see the love of God on my life and my children. I am very happy today my brothers and sisters. If you abide in Christ though you don’t have a husband, God is there to take care of you. Thank you so much. I am happy. May God bless you so much.”



“I want to thank God for the seeds that you gave us . Before that I was not even a Christian. But when I got the seeds, I planted them and you also gave me the Bible and I used both of them. And everything has changed for my family. Those seeds are very good. I applied the training I received from Peter . Even as we speak I am applying the knowledge I received from Fruited Plains. You can see my compost. Still I am going to plant those seeds there. They are very good. I shared some of the seeds with my neighbors, I sold some and I used them for food. T he seed is very good. I planted them 2x in one season. I use the compost. Before, my wife and my children would go to church, but me, I did not go to church. When yo u gave me the Bible and the seeds that is when I went to church. I use to drink a lo t but now, no more. It was not even easy for you to get me at home”