"If you give a man a handout, you refine his skill for begging. If you give a man a hand-up, you refine his self-worth."

February 2007 Testimonials

Testimonies from beneficiaries at Africa Inland Church Kamuneru

“I felt I was heading for destruction in my life. M y husband was going through hard labor so we could get something to eat. Even when we wanted to plow, we had no seed to plant. But after the help from Fruited Plains, we h ave two sheep and two cows. Before, we did not even have on e sheep”.

“For the first two years we were blessed with the seed and fertilizer. We were so grateful and we thank God. W e were going through difficult times at home but now thing s are going on very well. We have food to eat and my siblings will follow me and be able to go to school. I am a student at ICM. I am so grateful to God.”

“I thank God. I use to plant but had no fertilizer to help. Now I received fertilizer and seed from Fruited Plains. I planted one acre and I got twenty bags. Of the twenty, I gave two bags as my 10% to the church. Six I was able to take to school. One of my kids is in college. I was able to sell some. What ever was remaining, my neighbors sometimes don’t have food, so I was able to share and help them.”




Testimonies from beneficiaries at Africa Inland Church Chebonet

“I thank God because of the seed that helped me. I planted and I received plenty on my farm. Before I had seed, I would plant but I had nothing. But this year, I ha ve some food. I will never feel hunger.”

“I want to thank God because now I have a way of having clothes and even helping those who have nothing. We had diseases and sickness because we had no food. This year we got through it because we had food and I want to thank God.”

“I thank God so much because we received the seed and fertilizer. I was able to plant those seeds during a time when I had nothing. I use to be very much slender. I planted one acre and I received back eighteen bags. With those bags, I took my child to secondary school. I was even able to help my friends who had no seed and fertilizer.”