"If you give a man a handout, you refine his skill for begging. If you give a man a hand-up, you refine his self-worth."

August 2008 Testimonials

Fridah Chepkemei

“Before this project began, we were unable to feed our family nor have any surplus for our basic needs. Now, we have plenty of food and the surplus we sell to buy our daily needs. We also built a bigger house from the proceeds of our harvests. Last year when we harvested, we took some of the maize to my brother’s school to pay for his fees. This project has really helped us.”

Michele with a recipient family of the Planting Seeds Projects.

Michele with a recipient family of the Planting Seeds Projects.


David Kapendi

We embrace this project that God through Fruited Plains initiated. We used to plant very late because of lack of inputs and would only harvest 2 bags from an acre. Now, we plant early and harvest a good crop which has enabled us to have enough food and also for other needs like clothing and household. We are also able to help others who are in need. We are happy that through this project, we were able to build a bigger tin roofed house, a big difference from our small grass- thatched house. This project has lifted us from one glory to another. We say thank you very much for your help. We pray to God to bless you so that you may help more other people in similar situations. Thank you Fruited Plains.”



“My name is Evelyn. My husband is called Masai Kirong, these are our children. My husband is called Masai Kirong, these are our four children. I am grateful since this project began. I am also so happy that I cannot express my joy. It shows that God can use people from very far to bless Hi s children. I was displaced from the clash torn area of Chepyuk in Mt. Elgon and when I came here, I joined the church that this project was going on. I became a beneficiary and since then, I have had enough food and the surplus we sell to buy other things. This project has really helped me and I do not know how life would have been if this project had not been there.”


Fruited Plains Testimonial

“Before we used to have land but could not afford farm inputs. I am the first born. My father died leaving me with the burden of fending for the family. But I thank God that through this project, I am able to take my two sisters through high school and yet still have enough for food and other basic needs. Thank You Fruited Plains.”


Fruited Plains Testimonial

“When Fruited Plains first came four years ago, we received farm inputs that have enabled us harvest good crops. Also, when they came last year and taught us in s seminar about business, we have not been the same. The teaching helped understand on how to reduce my expenses and increase my profits. From this project, I can now give my tithes to God and He has been good to me. We used to suffer frequently from diseases, but since we began giving God His 10%, we have hardly gotten sick. The proceeds from the project have also helped me buy beds and chairs. My children used to sleep on the floor but now they sleep in beds and they dress well. They also learn in private academy schools because I can through the project pay for their fees. This project has helped me buy chicken and dairy cow. Thank you Fruited Plains.”