"If you give a man a handout, you refine his skill for begging. If you give a man a hand-up, you refine his self-worth."

August 2007 Testimonials

Pastor Martin, AIC Chebonet

‚ÄúThere has been a very big change in my congregation. Initially there was a lot of starvation. There was no food, clothing was a problem and they were not able to take their kids to school . But right now, through the project, they are able to sustain themselves and they are able to give to the church and help support other people. They realize that God has done a great thing. Their living standard has improved. They have been able to buy goats and sheep and cows to improve their way of life. We had families who could not even afford to buy a pair of shoes but out of the crops, they are able t o buy a pair of shoes. And through the project, many people have come to t he church. It has been a very powerful way of evangelism. It has united the families.”