"If you give a man a handout, you refine his skill for begging. If you give a man a hand-up, you refine his self-worth."

Harvest is Plenty


The Passion Fruit harvest is under way!  The farmers have been selling on average 1,000 pounds of Passion Fruit per week!  They are making more money than they have ever made for their hard work.  We met with the farmers in February and there are many more farmers who are lining up to receive the seedlings when they are ready so they too can make an income to support their families.  Many of our current farmers are requesting additional seedlings to expand their Passion Fruit production.

We believe in letting you hear from the farmers themselves so here are just 2 testimonies we were able to hear while we were in Kenya:


“The Passion Fruit has assisted me to open a bank account.   The income from the Passion Fruit I am getting every week, every week!  It has assisted me to heal the ailment of my eye. I was able to withdraw ksh. 4,000 and treat my eye. The income from this same project has helped me to avail items I need for my household. Because of the income, it has encouraged me to expand the project so I can increase my income even more.”

IMG_3898 (1)

“The Passion Project has allowed me to have income for a poultry project. I am hoping the income from the projects will allow me to construct a better house for my family. The project has attracted the neighbors to come and see how the project is going. The neighbors are very encouraged to also be a part of this project.”